We at De La Cruz Jewelry have been designing custom
pieces for decades. If you can dream it, we can make it.
When starting the designing process it is important to
have a clear idea of your piece.


When we have a full understanding of what you
would want to create. We will provide you with
a quote for your custom piece. All custom orders
require a down payment to get started.


Our designers will design your piece as a computer
animated image, what is known in the industry as a CAD.
At this point you will begin to see your piece come to life!
If during this step of the project you request changes,
there can be an increase of cost if additional materials
are needed. Once the drawing or CAD is approved,
we will begin making your jewelry!


Your vision becomes real and you have a beautiful,
unique, custom created piece of jewelry made just for you.
Now the only remaining step is to show off your
new one-of-a-kind design to all your friends and family!

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